Counting Carbs is Much Easier for Me when It Comes to Eating Better

I’m terrible at counting fat grams and calories on my own, so I really don’t know why I stuck with the type of diets that focus on those two things for so many years when they were frustrating. After reading a 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Review that I found on the Internet while trying to figure out how I could start losing weight again, I felt sudden interest and excitement well up inside of me. I had been previously been using a calorie-counting diet to try to get the extra 71 pounds off of my body, and that was not working. From what other successful dieters were saying in the review that I read, this new plan that I stumbled across actually works, and it focuses on carb counting instead.

I know that I should not spend my life being so physically inactive, but it’s just not in me to work out every day for the rest of my life. Read More