Love to Hear About Local Products

I am very lucky that I get to travel the world for my job. I like to look online at different companies that are in the city where I am going to travel so I can stop by and try some of the local goods. I really like to try things that are also of a local flavor. For example, when i was in Sydney I found an Australia oral jelly that was really great to use and I got to see an area where it was being offered. I really liked when I when to the amazing country of Belgium and I had a waffle there. I always thought that a Belgian Waffle was just the shape of the waffle but that is not the case. The amazing thing about the waffles in their native land is that they actually have sugar crystals on them. It is the most amazing thing because they actually have caramelized sugar baked right into the dough. It was one of the best things that I have ever had in my entire life.

Friends have always said that they wanted me to bring things back for them but they do not realize that I do not have the time to go shopping because I am working all of the time. I did manage to get some small cheap things at the airport on the way back from the last time I went to Europe and they didn’t even know that they were cheap gifts. I got my mom some really cheap Belgian chocolates and she said they must have been from a really expensive chocolate store while I was over in the country. I told her it was from a cute shop, but I did not have the heart to tell her it was at the airport.

4 most common dental implants types

Losing a tooth is a nightmare and it really hampers the normal functioning of your mouth. But with the advancement of medical science, it is now possible to place an artificial tooth in your mouth that will look and work just like natural ones. The process of dental implantation is a boon for humankind. Dr. Slaven in St. Louis, Missouri is a skilled and reputed specialist in implants. You should consider contacting him for your implant surgery.

What is dental implantation?

Dental implantation is the process of restoring a lost tooth of the patient by placing a dental implant into his or her jaw bone. Generally, metal posts or frames of titanium are inserted into the jaw bone of the patient as dental implants. Then the restoration is placed into that implant.

Dental Implant

The dental implants placed in the jaw bone of the patient gets fused to the jawbone and firmly holds the restoration or artificial teeth. They don’t slip or fall and acts as a natural tooth would.

What are the types of dental implantation?

  1. Two-stage implants:  This is one of the most common dental implant types that is available at almost every dental clinic. With this dental implant type, an artificial tooth is implanted inside the jaw bone of the patient in two separate surgeries. The first surgery is done to implant the synthetic tooth root into the jaw bone. Then after a few months, minor surgery is conducted to attach the dental implant abutment and temporary crown.
  2. Endosteal / Endosseous Dental implants: This is another most commonly used dental implant procedure. In this method, dental implants, which are mostly made of titanium and are small screw-shaped, are implanted into the jaw bone of the patient. It has replaced the bridge and denture. It is also a two-stage process and takes around three to four months of time for the process to be completed.
  3. Single stage dental implant: This is a costlier but effective type of dental implant and doesn’t take much time. It is a single-step procedure. In this type of dental implant, a comparatively longer implant is planted in your jaw bone and gum and is left exposed. After it is healed, which generally takes about 2 months, the abutment and restoration are placed into the implant. It is a one-step process because there is no need for subsequent surgery to expose the implant again. The restoration and abutment are just placed after the healing of implant surgery.
  4. Subperiosteal dental implant: This is also a single step process and doesn’t require subsequent surgery after placing the implant. In this process, the implant is placed into the jaw bone and the metal post is left exposed as it is done in single stage dental implants. The exposed metal post holds restoration and abutment.

It is necessary that you always choose a reputed and skilled dentist for implants. After all, it’s a matter of your health and you must be cautious. These surgeries and procedures are conducted by the doctor as per his or her assessment. All these types of dental implantations are effective and are easily available nowadays.