I Misplaced My Prescription Drugs in Sweden

I have been over here in Sweden for a couple of weeks now. I thought that I would spend most of my time in the city of Stockholm, but in fact I have been all over the place. I rented a car and drove to Malmo first. It is a very pleasant place with friendly people it seems. At any rate somewhere I lost track of a shaving bag which had a bunch of my prescription medications in it. So I have been trying to replace them. I ended up at this site called potensmedel.net after I did a search on the web, but of course my Swedish is pretty much nonexistent and so that did not do me much good. I am not quite sure that I would have been willing to trust a site on the web, since I know for a fact that there is a lot of counterfeit drugs which are sold as just about anything.

At any rate I found a pharmacist and I got him in touch with the one I use back home. I did not have any of the sorts of things that people like to abuse or I am sure that they would have been a lot more suspicious. The guy was sharp, he asked me a lot of questions. Pharmacists are always on the look out for drug interactions and such, because they know that doctors often prescribe without thinking about that sort of thing. It took a couple of days and I was sort of worried that I may have to go see a doctor because my blood pressure is a really serious issue if I am not keeping it under control. At any rate the issue was resolved just before I was due to leave Malmo this afternoon.