I Save a Bundle Getting It Online

Thank goodness I was able to find the weekend pill online, where it is much cheaper, and where you don’t need a prescription to get it. I live in a small town and it’s a problem because we only have one pharmacy where everyone gets their prescriptions filled. It wasn’t a problem back in the old days when locals owned the place. They knew everyone and everyone knew them. We played with their kids and went to church with them. They were very careful about trying to gouge anyone for money. Then they sold the place to a chain and left town.

The pharmacy went downhill immediately. They brought in a professional pharmacist for the big city up the road and you’re far less likely to get a fair shake on your drugs. Moreover, prices increased dramatically almost overnight. I simply couldn’t afford to get Cialis there anymore. I went online looking for a solution and quickly found an online drugstore that sells the stuff at a greatly reduced cost compared to the pharmacy down the street. Even better is that they don’t require a prescription. This is important because it’s going to save me money that I would spend on a visit to the doctor.

So I made my order and awaited the package. I thought they might be some horrible knock off made in China, but the pills sure look just like the ones I got at the pharmacy. They work just as well as the ones I’ve been taking and I can’t believe how much money I’m saving taking this route. In my opinion the government needs to open up everything online and let people buy their drugs from online stores. They’ll never do it, of course, because Big Pharma won’t allow it. Nonetheless I’m saving a lot on this one drug and I love it.